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El Juego de la Verdad® V 2.1
El Juego de la Verdad® V 2.1


Letter of Presentation
Letter of Presentation

Which is

Mainly directed at people who know each other in the first case, and with common goals in the second, this program allows users an innovative way of communication in two different ways: from person to person or in group formation.

Single Mode (1)

The person to person communication takes place using a series of messages (sentences) in a menu that the manager have previously created and organized by subject to make it easier for the user. One o more messages are selected by a user and directed to another user but the sent messages are kept hidden and ready for a possible match when the user who “receive” it/them send the same messages to the first sender. Only at that time, the system proceeds to notify both of them that they have been matched in that specific subject, otherwise the person who is sent the message won’t know that someone has sent him/her that message.

In the case of group formation, the message is sent to all users of the program and there will be a match if there’s enough people interested in that object (the minimum number of people is determined by the manager). Depending on the characteristics of the subjects the system could allow the group to see the evolution.

How it works

To describe how it works with an example, we will use the General Scheme 2 where we have the users a, b, c, which have been recorded in the database system and the users of social networks (j), (k), (v), which may be users of social networks, all have their identity authenticated users. Now that this users are in the system, they can select menu messeges and interact with other users individually or to form groups

Individual Example (1)

The user a would like to invite the user e to go to a pub to spend a good time, but this user a would like to know that the user e has the same intentions, so only if both users subscribe the option “to invite to a pub” directed to one another the system would report it to both of them

Group Formation Example (2)

The users (b), (c), (j), are individually interested in forming a group for a project but they need that a minimum number of users subscribe the suitable option. The system notifies all the users interested when that minimum number of users select that message, if they achieved.

What sets us apart from other communication systems

The freedom of people to express themselves openly and without compromise, because nobody knows that you have sent a message, only the sender knows it The same principle works in the formation of groups. But in this case, the user can hide or make public the options that has subscribed

His Little Story ...
His Little Story ...

The idea to develop this project, since a few years old, its beginnings were back in 1995, and the following was implemented for Windows 9.X (subsequent XP), designed for its use with a touch screen and compatible for using on an Intranet,I think the program is El Juego de la Verdad®.

Due to the rapid expansion of Internet, and taking into consideration the mobile phones that allow us quick communication as well as a reasonably reliable identification way, added to the explosion of social networks, it seems clear that we are at the perfect moment to make available this communication tool because this application would be ideal in a large network

In this version you will find ...

The version presented here focuses on personal issues, to which can be accessed after completing the user registration.

When you send a message to a user, the message is Registered (in fact not sent anywhere, only registered), and is only accessible by you. It's like El Juego de la Verdad® be his confidant, in the same way when another user Register identical message and directs it toward you the message is saved as in this case a match occurs, both users in the sight of his Recorded Messages that match will see reflected.

Data provided or made public or used for any purpose other than to facilitate internal searches of databases, public domain are only the name and picture if any, other data but hidden.